Rubrika: Bizz words

28. 3. 2011 | 15:55 

Bizzwords: forge ahead

forge ahead to make progress "The company is forging ahead with plans to expand." úspěšně pokračovat, dělat pokroky Click here to visit our Bizz... 

28. 3. 2011 | 15:54 

Bizzwords: monitor progress

monitor progress to watch something carefully and check how it develops "The project manager is expect to monitor your progress every week." sledovat... 

28. 3. 2011 | 15:53 

Bizzwords: project a profit

project a profit to forecast a profit "They'd projected a profit for year three, but they're still running at a loss." předpovídat zisk Click here to... 

28. 3. 2011 | 15:52 

Bizzwords: turnkey project

turnkey project a project that provides a complete product or service that is ready to use "The most exciting hotel I ever worked on was during a... 

28. 3. 2011 | 15:51 

Bizzwords: opposite number

opposite number someone who has the same position and function in another organization "I had a meeting with my opposite number in London yesterday."... 

28. 3. 2011 | 15:49 

Bizz words: have words with sb.

have words with sb. to need to speak to sb., often about sth. negative "I'm afraid I'll have to have words with John. He's never in the office!"... 

10. 10. 2010 | 22:16 

Bizz words: financial acumen

 financial acumen ability to understand and decide financial things quickly and well "I used my financial acumen to save the company a... 

10. 10. 2010 | 22:15 

Bizz words: dabble in sth.

 dabble in sth. to play around or experiment with sth. for a short time "I'm not a programmer, but I dabbled in programming while I was at... 

10. 10. 2010 | 22:14 

Bizz words: add a string to one’s bow

 add a string to one’s bow to learn an extra skill in addition to one's main qualifications "I wanted to add another string to my bow,... 

10. 10. 2010 | 22:13 

Bizz wrds: touch base with sb.

 touch base with sb. to make contact with someone briefly "Let's touch base again on Wednesday before the event." spojit se s někým Click... 

10. 10. 2010 | 22:12 

Bizz words: hands-on training

 hands-on training training that focuses on practical activities rather than theoretical knowledge "We did some hands-on training with the... 

10. 10. 2010 | 22:11 

Bizz words: know sth. inside out

 know sth. inside out to know all aspects of sth. "I've been practising my presentation all weekend — I know it inside out." znát něco... 

10. 10. 2010 | 22:10 

Bizz words: knock sth. together

 knock sth. together to make and complete something quickly, often not very well "I had to knock together this report in less than an hour,... 

10. 10. 2010 | 22:09 

Bizz words: tweak the settings

 tweak the settings to make small changes to the way a computer, program or software has been set up "I've tweaked the settings and now the... 

10. 10. 2010 | 22:08 

Bizz words: wipe a computer clean

 wipe a computer clean to remove all the data and programs from a computer "The virus was so nasty. I think you should wipe your computer... 

10. 10. 2010 | 22:07 

Bizz words: come in under the wire

 come in under the wire to finish at the last minute "We're so lucky. I think this project will come in just under the wire." stihnout to na... 

10. 10. 2010 | 22:05 

Bizz words: drive sb. up the wall

 drive sb. up the wall to make sb. go crazy "Tom is driving me up the wall. He doesn't understand the first thing about project management."... 

10. 10. 2010 | 22:04 

Bizz words: stick to one's guns

 stick to one's guns to refuse to change one's ideas or opinions despite opposition "You know I'm right, don't you? I'm sticking to my guns,... 

10. 10. 2010 | 22:03 

Bizz words: pull the plug on sth.

 pull the plug on sth. to do sth. that stops an activity, especially by not giving any more money "Robert thinks we should pull the plug on... 

10. 2. 2010 | 19:03 

Bizz words: carry a lot of clout

carry a lot of clout (infml.) to have a lot of power or influence "He carries a lot of clout in this company." mít velký vliv Click here to... 
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