Rubrika: Bizz words

7. 10. 2009 | 20:42 

Bizz words: patch things up

patch things up to settle a dispute "I've tried to patch things up with Sam, but he's still angry with me." urovnat, dát do pořádku Click... 

7. 10. 2009 | 20:42 

Bizz words: unfit for work

unfit for work not able to work for reasons of health "If the doctor says you're unfit for work, then you shouldn't be here. Go home!"... 

7. 10. 2009 | 20:41 

Bizz words: rake sth in

rake sth in to make a lot of money very easily "Well, I wouldn’t say that I’m raking it in, but I’m doing alright."... 

7. 10. 2009 | 20:40 

Bizz words: job satisfaction

job satisfaction feeling of enjoyment and fulfilment at work "The best way to increase your employees' job satisfaction is to pay them... 

7. 10. 2009 | 20:39 

Bizz words: common ground

common ground shared opinions, goals or interests "Try to find some common ground with your boss. It will make your life at work much... 

7. 10. 2009 | 20:38 

Bizz words: optional feature

optional feature an extra "Some of these optional features are very expensive. I can't understand why they're so popular." volitelný... 

7. 10. 2009 | 20:38 

Bizz words: corner the market

corner the market to have won complete control over a market "Google has definitely cornered the Internet search market. Everyone I know uses... 

7. 10. 2009 | 20:37 

Bizz words: flagship product

flagship product the most profitable and innovative product "This software was once our flagship product, but now we can't give it away for... 

7. 10. 2009 | 20:35 

Bizz words: on edge

on edge tense or nervous "Tony seemed on edge at the press conference. Do you think he's hiding something?”nervózní, napjatý Click here to... 

7. 10. 2009 | 20:35 

Bizz words: go out of one's way

go out of one's way to make a special effort to do sth. "She really went out of her way to help me when I started here. I'll miss her."... 

7. 10. 2009 | 20:32 

Bizz words: on the line

on the line at serious risk "Look, my job could be on the line here. I need to talk to your boss right now." ohrožený, v sázce Click here... 

7. 10. 2009 | 20:31 

Bizz words: assume responsibility

assume responsibility to take charge of something "Since Timothy assumed responsibility for the project, we've made excellent progress."... 

7. 10. 2009 | 20:29 

Bizz words: computer-savvy

computer-savvy having a lot of practical knowledge about computers "Applying online for a job demonstrates that you're computer-savvy."... 

7. 10. 2009 | 20:29 

Bizz words: touch on sth.

touch on sth. to mention briefly, or in passing "He only touched on the subject of marketing in his presentation." zmínit se stručně o čem,... 

7. 10. 2009 | 20:28 

Bizz words: pass up sth.

pass up sth. to not take advantage (of an opportunity) "The opportunity to teach at Oxford was too good to pass up." nechat si ujít,... 

7. 10. 2009 | 20:27 

Bizz words: set something in motion

set something in motionto start something"Once you can tell us exactly what you need, we can set things in motion." rozběhnout něco, uvést... 

7. 10. 2009 | 19:40 

Bizz words: go from strength to strength

go from strength to strength to become more and more successful "The company has gone from strength to strength since Sue became manager."... 

7. 10. 2009 | 19:39 

Bizz words: on a roll

on a roll successful at this moment in time "We're on such a roll this month, I think we'll easily break the sales record." být na koni,... 

27. 6. 2009 | 14:20 

Bizz words: performance review

performance review an appraisal of an employee's work during a certain period of time "The performance review is a great opportunity to show... 

27. 6. 2009 | 14:19 

Bizz words: reference number

reference number a number or code given to a transaction in order to identify it "Could you tell me the reference number of your order? You'll... 
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