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Rubrika: Business press

29. 3. 2006 | 17:11 

A round-up of global business news

This week, we look at commentary in the business press on elections in Ukraine.  

9. 3. 2006 | 12:43 

A round-up of global business news

We look at media comments about foreign takeovers — and how politicians react to them, as well as how the trend towards healthier eating has affected food and drinks firms.  

9. 2. 2006 | 12:09 

A round up of global business news

NEW! This week, we look at Indian businessman Lakshmi Mittal’s €18.6 billion hostile bid for Arcelor, Europe's top steel-maker, as well as whether the European Central Bank intends to raise rates again.  

9. 1. 2006 | 15:52 

Facing big business

We look at comment on policy statements by David Cameron, new head of the Conservative party in the UK, and on economic and political questions in Europe for 2006.  

24. 11. 2005 | 15:47 

Meeting the superpower

We look at press commentary on US President George W. Bush’s visit to China.  

14. 11. 2005 | 13:57 

A huge mistake

We look at press comment on CSU leader Edmund Stoiber's decision not to join Angela Merkel's government in Berlin, and on riots among young immigrants in France. 

8. 11. 2005 | 14:05 

Avoiding the globalisation debate

We look at press comment on the EU summit at Hampton Court, and some of the problems facing the new head of the US Federal Reserve Bank. 

1. 11. 2005 | 18:24 

Political Virus

This week, we look at media comment on how politicians are responding to a potential avian flu pandemic, as well as the mistakes made in fighting the financing of terrorism.  

17. 10. 2005 | 19:07 

Business Press: The Grand Coalition

This week, we look at media comment on Germany’s new "grand coalition”, which will be headed by the Christian Democratic Union's Angela Merkel. 

8. 9. 2005 | 16:00 

International Herald Tribune: An extraordinary time is upon America

This week, we look at the effect of Hurricane Katrina. You can find more info in our special report!  

2. 6. 2005 | 13:53 

Press comment on ... the economic effects of Israel's planned removal from Gaza and .... on planned labour market reforms in Australia

We look at press comment on the economic effects of Israel's planned removal of settlers and soldiers from Gaza. We also look at an opinion on planned labour market reforms in Australia. 

2. 6. 2005 | 13:53 

A round-up of global business news

This week, we look at press comment on the money spent in the US to protect people from terrorism; we also look at the claims of chocolate firm Mars that cocoa can help heart diseases.  

2. 6. 2005 | 13:53 

"No" to European Constitution

French and Dutch voters have overwhelmingly rejected the European Union's proposed constitution. We look at world opinion on the rejection of the Treaty.  

9. 5. 2005 | 18:47 

Financial Times: More trade in services will raise incomes and create jobs

We look at the issue of cross-border competition in services, which was discussed at a recent meeting of the OECD. 

9. 5. 2005 | 17:07 

Labour's new weakness is a handicap as it faces the challenges of reform

Blair wins. We look at comment on the results of the general election in the UK. 

11. 1. 2005 | 17:04 

US to tackle budget deficit

Central bankers from the world's most important economies welcomed on Monday a promise by the United States to tackle its budget deficit, which is plaguing the dollar.  

27. 10. 2004 | 14:46 

EU pension mkt to grow fast as states struggle

Europeans will increasingly have to plan for their own pensions, driving growth in a vast pan-European investment market, but states need to provide a robust safety net for old age, industry experts say. 

24. 9. 2004 | 10:49 

Golf-Row brewing over inclusion in 2012 Olympics

Golf has been short-listed for the 2012 Olympics but a row could be brewing within the sport over whether to press ahead for its inclusion in the Games 

24. 9. 2004 | 10:38 

Czech farmers lack grain stores, look abroad

The Czech government's farming intervention fund SZIF has asked the European Commission to permit grain storage abroad as farmers lack stores at home, according to the SZIF spokeswoman Jitka Slukova. 

24. 9. 2004 | 10:35 

Net incomes from EU to reach as much as Kc44bn by 2006 --EU

Net incomes from the EU budget should reach up to Kc44bn by end-2006, the Finance Minister expects on the basis of the budget outlook that the government approved on Tuesday, Finance Ministry spokesman Marek Zeman told CTK 
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