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23. 2. 2009 | 11:38 

Yes, we Ken

Do you have extra time on your hands? If you love Sudoku, you may want to try a new type of numbers puzzle: KenKen. 

9. 11. 2008 | 11:33 

Unpaid Christmas

Almost 25 per cent of British consumers are still in debt from Christmas 2007. 

24. 10. 2008 | 10:21 

Putting a cup on it

Do you like your coffee blue or red? By choosing the colour of your coffee cup in 7-Eleven stores in America, you will be taking part in one of the most unscientific and yet accurate election polls the US has seen in the last three elections. 

17. 9. 2008 | 19:20 

From tragedy to tourism

In southern Africa, there is a saying: “Farmers make a plan”. It means that, no matter what happens, farmers will find a way to make things work. Zimbabweans Mandy and Pat Retzlaff are a good example. They turned a trauma into an opportunity. 

3. 8. 2008 | 16:54 

Search me!

A new search engine created by former Google employees has gone online. Called “Cuil”, it promises to provide better results than its main rival, but it still has a few problems to deal with.  

18. 7. 2008 | 10:43 

Downsized groceries

If you want food to sell well in the US, a label saying “Jumbo” or “Extra” usually does the trick. Now, however, products in the US are shrinking.  

6. 7. 2008 | 20:26 

Going for gold

You might call it the luck of the Irish. A Dublin mining company has found a large reserve of gold in the hills near a small village in Irelands’s County Monaghan. 

27. 5. 2008 | 13:16 

Out of Scotland

You may be familiar with the Sony Walkman, the first successful portable cassette player, or the Toyota Prius, the best-selling hybrid car. Now, what prize-winning drink is made by the Japanese firm Suntory? We’ll give you a hint: Scottish pride may suffer. 

21. 5. 2008 | 17:11 

Black Diamonds

People who travel frequently for business in the United States may soon be pleasantly surprised to find themselves in shorter security lanes. 

12. 5. 2008 | 18:12 

Look me in the eyes

Do you want to get the most creativity out of your staff? Try hypnosis. It’s a growing fad in America, as companies search for ways to stay ahead of the competition. 

27. 4. 2008 | 19:07 

A fallen star

In a surprise move, the chairman of Samsung, Lee Kun-hee, has left the company. Lee has been charged with tax evasion. 

23. 3. 2008 | 14:14 

Diesel, please

Diesel engines used to be noisy and dirty. But better technology, along with the high price of driving a petrol car, means that more and more British motorists are choosing diesel-powered cars. 

17. 3. 2008 | 11:15 

Food for thought

If the food is terrible and the service is slow, restaurant owners have to accept bad reviews. That’s the law in Northern Ireland, at least. 

8. 3. 2008 | 13:35 


It’s scrabulously addictive. Over 700,000 fans play “Scrabulous” online every day, frustrating both employers and the companies that own rights to the Scrabble board game. 

2. 3. 2008 | 14:27 


Americans depend far too much on imaging scans for checking their health, which is causing medical costs to explode. Medical companies pushing their own products are responsible for the problem. 

24. 2. 2008 | 14:35 

Gold rush

Mexico (21 Feb 2008) The rising price of gold has started a gold rush in Mexico. But unlike the prospectors of the past, the new fortune seekers are... 

17. 2. 2008 | 20:32 

Gloom in the city

The banking crisis has spread to bankers’ pockets. Most European banks pay their “golden thanks” to financial professionals. This year, some bonuses were as much as three quarters down on last year. 

10. 2. 2008 | 21:17 

Betting on the news

A new website allows users to bet on the results of real news stories. Hubdub, started by three colleagues in Edinburgh, Scotland, went online earlier this week. 

2. 2. 2008 | 13:18 

Mice are nice

Beginning this month, Hong Kong Disneyland, which opened in 2005, will become a bit less American and more Chinese. The changes are a response to a 30 per cent drop in visitors last year. 

26. 1. 2008 | 18:18 

This one’s for you!

Drinking on the job? Not such a problem, if your job description is Chief Beer Officer. 
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