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Rubrika: Net news

6. 1. 2006 | 15:55 


BRITAIN More people are visiting the UK than ever before - but they are spending less money. Statistics from VisitBritain, the national tourism agency, show that visitor numbers are twice as high as they were 25 years ago. Yet the agency says those visitors have not increased their spending "in any significant way”.  

20. 12. 2005 | 14:49 


NEW ZEALAND Bad Santas About 40 men in Santa suits ran wild in the streets of Auckland on Saturday in what they said was a protest against the commercialization of Christmas. The bad Santas urinated on cars, broke beer bottles, sprayed graffiti and vandalized a Christmas tree in a casino.  

24. 11. 2005 | 16:22 


GM peas no good: Australian scientists have given up a ten-year attempt to create a genetically modified (GM) pea that is resistant to weevils after finding that it caused lung damage in mice. The case has caused a strong reaction in Australia.  

16. 11. 2005 | 17:52 


US PETER DRUCKER DIES: Peter Drucker, widely regarded as the most influential management thinker of the last century, died on Friday 11 November at the age of 95.  

14. 11. 2005 | 14:18 

East Africa

Tourism in East Africa received a blow recently when pirates believed to be working for Somali warlords attacked a cruise ship off the coast of Somalia.  

8. 11. 2005 | 16:29 

Popular criminal

AUSTRALIA Exactly 125 years ago this week, Australian bushranger Ned Kelly was hung for his crimes. Now, the tourism business surrounding Kelly’s legend is booming.  

4. 11. 2005 | 16:01 


SCOTLAND Cheers! Politicians in Scotland now have good reason to drink at work. A Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) insists that whisky should be served at receptions and other official events.  

1. 11. 2005 | 18:45 


Each week, nearly 150 million people listen to the BBC World Service, which provides radio broadcasts in 43 different languages. Next year, the corporation will launch its first global television channel - in Arabic.  

14. 10. 2005 | 16:11 

UK Hanging in there

It´s time for a consumer revolt against companies that use 0870 service numbers, writes Financial Times journalist David Baker.These numbers generally cost more than a normal telephone call, with companies sharing the extra income with the telephone-company.  

8. 9. 2005 | 12:18 

Hurricane Katrina

SPECIAL REPORT: Hurricane Katrina Floodwater, dead bodies, sewage and toxic waste now fill New Orleans. "The Big Easy", once famous for its relaxed way of life and multicultural charm, has a new name: "Venice from Hell".  

2. 8. 2005 | 16:49 

US Couch potatoes

It has been a strange summer for the entertainment industry in the US. Baseball games have played to half-empty stadiums. Rock concerts have attracted about 12 per cent fewer fans than last year. And the number of people visiting theme parks is down.  

2. 8. 2005 | 16:49 

UK Rich kids

To beef up business, private banks in London have come up with a new marketing gag: providing courses on wealth management for children of the very rich. The courses, which are for school-leavers and graduates, prepare them for the fortunes they will one day inherit. 

2. 8. 2005 | 16:49 

US Working holiday

Have you ever wanted to head a rafting tour? Choreograph a music video? Run a pub? A company based in Portland, Oregon gives you the chance to try out your dream job.  

2. 6. 2005 | 15:38 

SOUTH AFRICA Banking on the poor

SOUTH AFRICA Banking on the poor Sixteen million South Africans - more than half the population - do not have a bank account. Last year, banks in South Africa signed a charter promising to provide special financial services for the poor. 

9. 5. 2005 | 16:52 

UK The price of life

New: People in Britain spend an average of €2.2 million during their lifetimes. According to a recent study, however, this does not buy them a life of luxury. Instead, most of the money goes on basics such as clothing, food, housing, and taxes. 

28. 4. 2005 | 12:13 


Recent polls suggest, the French vote non to ratifying the European Constitution on May 29 2005. Of course, opinion polls have a tendency to be wrong, and there are hopes in Europe that the pro-constitution lobby will now come out fighting. But even in the event of a Gallic no, the “Euroskeptics” should not take too much heart. Rather than spelling the end of the European project, this referendum points to an EU that is maturing politically.  

11. 1. 2005 | 16:55 

New Tools of brainstorming

In our current issue BS 1/2005 we have an article about Brainstorming. It is an excellent way of developing many remarkable solutions to a problem. Ideas should deliberately be as broad and odd as possible, and should be developed as fast as possible. 

28. 9. 2004 | 20:54 

eBay boomers

Piere Omidyar knows a good idea when he sees one. In 1995, he turned an idea for trading collectibles into one of the Internet's most successful companies – eBay. It is the world's online marketplace for the sale of goods and services. Today, the eBay community includes tens of millions of registered members from around the world 

28. 9. 2004 | 15:21 

Outsourcing: Big change?

There is nothing new about Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). In the last couple of years, many American and European countries have shifted thousands of hi-tech jobs to Asia, the reason behind which is obvious. It is the combination of cheap labour and talent that has pushed the global firms to shift their base e.g. to India 

20. 9. 2004 | 13:26 

South Africa Nuclear smugglers

South Africa is attracting smugglers in illegal nuclear trade because its export control system is weak, says a new report by the US watchdog organization, the Institute for Science and International Security. South Africa is a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group, a group of 44 countries that have agreed not to export nuclear technology to non-member countries that can be used for nuclear weapons 
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