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Rubrika: Viewpoint

18. 5. 2006 | 10:43 


NEW! Sometimes, it's better to look forward rather than back. Ian McMaster recently travelled to historical Spandau and learnt a few important lessons for the future. 

18. 5. 2006 | 10:43 


British prime minister Tony Blair must be starting to hate his birthdays. Ian McMaster explains why: The end of the road. 

29. 3. 2006 | 15:37 


VIEWPOINT Ian McMaster recently visited the US and watched the world's most powerful man speaking live on television, which rarely happens here in Europe. His verdict? Better leadership, please! 

9. 2. 2006 | 11:09 

Just a gesture?

It is easy to be cynical about gestures of solidarity. But their impact can be dramatically positive. Ian McMaster explains why.  

6. 1. 2006 | 14:04 

A perfect start

Do you believe that the glass is half full or half empty? And for 2006? Maybe a little more optimism could go a long way this year. Ian McMaster explains why:  

20. 12. 2005 | 12:52 

To have or not to have?

NEW! Christmas is a good time to think about how fortunate we often are, fortunate that there are many things we don’t have. Maybe it's time we thought about the things we don't want and don't have. To have or not to have?  

24. 11. 2005 | 16:59 

Germany's last gamble?

For Germany, 2006 could be a year of triumph or one of complete disaster. And not just on the football field.  

9. 11. 2005 | 14:26 

A coalition of masochists

Germany's grand coalition has a problem. But it is not the one that most people have been talking about. 

26. 10. 2005 | 16:39 

Britain's new face

The Conservatives have been one of Europe's least effective opposition parties, run by one weak and unpopular leader after another. Ian McMaster explains why that may now be about to change. 

18. 10. 2005 | 13:21 

Go, Germany, Go!

NEW! Go, Germany, Go! Betting against Germany is extremely dangerous -both in football and in politics.  

4. 8. 2005 | 14:38 

Parrots and pages

PARROTS AND PAGES Being on holiday has two great advantages: being able to read books and being able to talk to my parrot.  

23. 5. 2005 | 12:31 

London: From happiness to horror

On Wednesday, I had tears in my eyes. I was watching the live broadcast on the Internet, as it was announced that London would host the Summer Olympics in 2012.  

23. 5. 2005 | 12:31 

Time to go glocal

The Czech Republic is a market that is dynamic and hungry for knowledge. It is also home to one of Business Spotlight's first international editions.  

3. 5. 2005 | 19:06 

Welcome back, Tony!

In spite of criticism of his behaviour over the Iraq war, Tony Blair should be re-elected as Britain's prime minister on 5 May. 

31. 1. 2005 | 15:05 

Yes to globalization!

The tragic events of the last three weeks in south Asia have made one thing perfectly clear: globalization can be a very good thing. 

27. 9. 2004 | 10:55 

Spotlight on success

Globalizace ekonomiky je neodvratný proces. Na jedné straně nabízí nové příležitosti, na druhé straně zvyšuje požadavky na naše znalosti. orientaci v prostředí mezinárodního byznysu, interkulturní komunikaci, e-business, obchodní dovednosti…. a samozřejmě perfektní znalost angličtiny. O tom všem je Business Spotlight. 
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