During this period, something will go wrong for some travelers, but you can take many precautions to prevent these disasters—especially when it comes to health.

  • Planning Ahead

The first step to a successful vacation is planning ahead and learning about the area you will be visiting. Research the area you will visit and plan accordingly.

  • Smart Preparation and Packing

Many aspects of packing are determined by the exact location and type of vacation planned. For example, packing for a beach vacation in Croatia will differ from packing for a summer vacation in the High Tatras. Keep in mind the specific surroundings and terrain when deciding on clothing. Remember to pack the appropriate footwear and necessary gear, which will differ if the trip is centered on hiking and camping versus relaxing on the beach.

  • Medication for your travels.

The first step can be stopping by the pharmacy to be sure you have any drugs you might need. Carry medications in personal bags rather than in your luggage in case it is lost or stolen. If you take medications that require refrigeration, pack coolers to store medications while traveling, and reserve a room with a refrigerator at your final destination to keep the medications cold.

Remember to bring along insurance identification cards.


Enjoy your holiday and leave your troubles behind you!


precautions – opatrnost, předběžné opatření

disaster – pohroma, katastrofa

accordingly – podle toho, v souladu s tím

determined – určený, předurčený, rozhodnutý

deterrain – terén, území

gear – výbava, příslušenství

require – vyžadovat, požadovat

refrigeration – chlazení, ochlazování


Mini dictionary for your holiday

Máte nějaký volný pokoj?

Do you have any rooms available? (= free rooms)

Je v ceně zahrnuta snídaně/oběd?

Is beakfast/dinner included? (= Does the price include breakfast/dinner?)

Kde je výtah?

Where´s the lift?

Promiňte, jak se odsud dostanu…?

Excuse me. How do I get from here to .?

Mám problém s klimatizací na mém pokoji.

There is something wrong with the air conditioning in my room.

V kolik musíme opustit hotel?

What time do we have to check out? ( =leave the room on our last day)

Chtěl bych si půjčit auto na 1 den/ týden.

I would like to hire a car for a day/a week)

Kde je benzinová pumpa?

Where is the petrol (gas) station, please?

Jak se dostanu na … prosím?

How can I get to ......... please ?

Kde je…

Where is ..., please ?

Prosím jízdenku do…

Can I have a ticket (flight ticket) to ....please ?

Kdy odjíždí vlak do…

When does the train (bus, plane) to……depart please ?

Kolik stojí jízdenka do …?

How much is the ticket to .... ?

Máte jednolůžkový (dvoulůžkový) pokoj?

Do you have a single (double) room ?

Účet, prosím.

Can I get the bill please ?

Mohu si u Vás vyměnit koruny (dolary, eura)?

Can I exchange Czech crowns (US dollars, Euros) here ?

Mohu platit kartou?

Can I pay with credit (debit) card ?

Chtěl bych koupit…

I would like to buy ...

Kolik je hodin?

What is the time ?

Šťastnou cestu.

Have a pleasant journey.

Plná penze/ polopenze

Full / half board

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