How to Be More Popular

Many people believe the route to success is to be interesting - to show off or act like someone else. For example, many people learned as children that they should act up a little to get attention in order to be as interesting as possible. Yet acting interesting does not make you popular - in fact acting interesting can ruin your adult life. Show-off employees, self-centered managers and pompous business owners rarely do well for long. To handle unpopularity, many people might decide to despise people or become loners. But the secret to popularity is not to be interesting, but to be interested.


show off – chlubit se, vytahovat

act like – chovat se jako, hrát si na

act up – zlobit

pompous – nafoukaný, nabubřelý

despise – pohrdat, opovrhovat

loner - samotář

Show-off – vejtaha, chlubil


QUIZ: Test your vocabulary


Fill in the correct words in the blank spaces below.

show-off – loner – pompous - despise


  1. I always __________ people who mock other people.

  2. He never leaves the house; he is a _________.

  3. A boss should never be _________ but rather modest.

  4. She is a __________. She never forgets to display her new clothes.

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