Don’t say: Tom doesn’t have a flat at Prague. He is staying in 66 Kolmá street.

Say: Tom doesn’t have a flat in Prague. He is staying at 66 Kolmá street.


! We use in to describe the physical location of something as part of a larger thing or place. But we use at when we’re talking about an address, a public place or building (a bus stop, the Post Office, etc.) and when the location is irrelevant but what we do there is what matters (school, the dentist, dance class, etc.).



Use in or at in these sentences:

  1. There are many high-rise buildings ________ New York.

  2. She studied ________ Oxford.

  3. It’s more expensive living _______ London than _______ Hastings.

  4. Diamonds are found _______ Kimberley _______ Africa.

  5. Pick her up _______ 78 Donald street.


KEY: 1. in,, 3. in, in, 4. at, in, 5. at

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