Don’t say: He went to lay down for an hour. Please lie the report on his desk

Say: He went to lie down for an hour. Please lay the report on his desk.


! Lie (=to rest: lie/lay/lain X to tell an untruth: lie/lied/lied) is an intransitive verb and never has an object. Lay (=to put, produce eggs: lay/laid/laid) is a transitive verb and always requires an object.



Use the correct form of lie or lay:

  1. She’ll go and _______ down.

  2. The cup was ________ on the floor.

  3. Have you _______ the book on my table?

  4. How long have I ______ in bed?

  5. She _______ to the teacher.

  6. The hen has _______ an egg.


KEY: 1. lie, 2. laying, 3. laid, 4. lain, 5. lied, 6. laid

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