The following CAN’T be used in plural:

ADVICE (! When we mean only one thing we say a piece of advice)

DAMAGE (! The plural form damages means money paid to make good a loss)

NEWS (! News, though plural in form, ALWAYS takes a singular verb. If only one thing is meant we say a piece of or an item of...)

WORK (! The plural form works means a factory, a writings of an author or if something is operating satisfactorily- as a verb)



Fill in the correct word, is/are, many/much, some/any in the following:

  1. The news we have received _______ excellent!

  2. Where ______ the money you have promised?

  3. ____ this the advice you meant?

  4. The wind caused ______ damage.

  5. Can you give me ______ advice?


KEY: 1. is, 2. is 3. is, 4. much or some, 5. some

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